This website is a glass gallery for displaying our Nice Glass line of products. Please, visit www.thesmokesman.com to register for an account and place your wholesale orders.
If you are a retail customer who bought one of our products and are not completely satisfied due to manufacturing issues, please follow the procedure below.
  • Contact the store from which the item was purchased, following their Return/Exchange Policy guidelines.
  • Our authorized retailer will assess the issue first-hand to determine eligibility for an exchange.
  • Upon confirmation of a manufacturing flaw, we can provide a new item in exchange for the one in question through the authorized retailer.
Please, do not contact us directly due to the inability of our team to properly assess the product through photos and descriptions. We trust our authorized retailers and their professional knowledge to provide us with a proper assessment.
If you are not completely satisfied with the items received due to shipping mishaps or products with broken parts, you can contact us with a list accompanied by photos. At which time we will exchange the items or apply store credit to your account toward future purchases.

In order to provide quality customer service and maintain quality control of our products, we may ask you to return the items in question for review.
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