JC8042 | Metal Dugout with Grinder

Metal Dugout with Grinder

    JC8042 | Metal Dugout with Grinder
  • Item Code: JC8042

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Metal Dugout with Grinder

• Metal
• Height: 3 inches
• Width: 1.75 inches
• 12 Grinder teeth
• One-hitter pipe

5 Pieces/Box - MIxed Colours

This handy one-hitter dugout comes in a convenient size that fits in your pocket. The lid has 3 strong magnets holding it in place and it’s easy to release to reveal the one-hitter and dugout compartment. The grinder grinds directly into the dugout, saving you an extra step when you want a quick hit. To use the grinder, simply place the one-hitter pipe in the slots and turn.

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