XL-6001 | 6.5 inch Showerhead Orb Rig

6.5 inch Showerhead Orb Rig

    XL-6001 | 6.5 inch Showerhead Orb Rig
  • Item Code: XL-6001

6.5 inch Showerhead Orb Rig

• Borosilicate glass
• Showerhead percolator
• Quartz banger
• Joint size: 14mm
• Base diameter: 70mm

A brilliant showerhead rig that includes a quartz banger. The orb is an added cooling space that also redirects any water from exiting the mouthpiece. It stands at 6.5 inches tall on a sturdy hollow base. The percolator is reinforced to sit firmly on the glass.

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