N1005 | 5 inch Sidecar Rig

5 inch Sidecar Rig

    N1005 | 5 inch Sidecar Rig
  • Item Code: N1005

5 inch Sidecar Rig with 14mm Quartz Nail

• Borosilicate glass
• Dome and quartz nail
• Triangular sidecar mouthpiece
• Two-hole percolator
• Base diameter: 60mm

This pocket-size cylindrical bubbler is equipped with a quartz nail and dome ready for a smooth hit with the double hole percolator. It measures at a total height of 5 inches with coloured glass accents on the base bottom and a dome adorned with glass bubbles. This mini rig features a stemless design providing you with a smoother, more effective smoking experience.

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